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As the owner of Intimate Events, I have always enjoyed party planning, entertaining, and creating unique art for myself, family, and friends.  To share that creative energy with everyone, Intimate Events was established.  Intimate Events is designed to bring family and friends together in an environment to allow personal and individual creativity to flow.  Intimate Events is a DIY crafts, decor and more facility.   We offer our clients an outlet to create one on one or in a group setting. 


Some great ideas to book craft parties for are bridal showers, date nights, birthday celebrations, family reunions and the list of possibilities are endless.  Book us for a craft party where you decide what type art you want to create and we will provide all the supplies needed to bring your creativity alive. 

We also sell DIY craft kits for most of our products we offer.  The DIY craft kits come with full instructions and all the supplies you need for a creative event.

Do you have an idea for a specific design? Let us customize  your art for you.  Book a consultation and let's discuss creating that unique, customized product just for you.

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